Seeking an Expert Web Developer

Seeking an Expert Web Developer

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Project description:

Hello all,

I am looking for an expert web developer who will build a website for me. Right now I have only the logo. Our brand color code is #4c9900

The website should look simple, fresh, minimalist and professional.  It should be mobile responsive. Your website should load faster and should not contain any malicious code. It should be SEO friendly too.

Please submit your proposal with your most recent 5 website that you designed. The budget is just a place holder. You should propose your price with your example.

More details will be provided to shortlisted freelancers.



Vivek Kuralkar
Full-Stack Web Developer
4 Years

I am interested in your job, Lets talk about the work I will give you quality work.

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Morgaine O'Herne
Wordpress Developer
20 Years

Bid and deadline are estimates. To give you a better idea of how much it will cost and how long it will take me, I need to know what the site is for and what you expect it to do. Is it just informative? Will you be using the site to sell anything? Will it require interactive maps, for example.
You’ve said you need the site to be clean, responsive, easy to read, fast, and secure. All these should be a given, and can be delivered without much expense or time – if it’s a simple website. If not, it will cost more and take longer. In either case I will do my best work in the least amount of time possible, and for a reasonable rate.

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Neha Chopra
Wordpress Development
5 Years

I would love to design custom wordpress website.
We are specialist in designing customized wordpress websites with a super easy CMS.

How do we stand apart from the others : we have customized the dashboard of wordpress to enable the user to make changes to its content and gallery as easy as drag n drop. The backend interface is specifically designed keeping the average user in mind. Easy to use dashboard enables adding and managing content to the website as easy as filling up a Form. So one can easily add pages, edit content, manage a photo gallery etc with ease.
The website will be easy to navigate and responsive.

For SEO, we can start with integrating a plugin your website which will easily pick up the keywords and automate the SEO process.

Looking forward to your response and your amazing website.


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Kaysar Ibne Nazrul Islam
WordPress Hero
5 Years

Hello Alexandra!
This is Kaysar Shawon. I am a responsive website designer and wordpress expert. I have all the requirement that you have listed and can perform every steps that you have outlined. If you are interested I want to build your website using latest html5, css3, jquery, bootstrap features or wordpress premium avada theme or make a custom new wordpress theme my own code. Your website will be 100% responsive, cross all browser supported, 100% seo friendly, w3c valid coding. You can easily change or edit your website content, manage your website layout, typography, color scheme and others.

You are welcome to check my responsive website projects here-




Home (myportfolio)

I am available for new projects so I can start working right now. Let me know if you are interested. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

Best regards
Kaysar Shawon

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Faizan Latif
Web Developer
10 Years

Hi there,
I am faizan a business analyst at Golpik inc.
we are working a professional team working here at USA, out developer are professional for making web development and have done several similar projects
you can contact us for further discussion.

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Wang XiuYing
Android/iOS/Web Expert
11 Years

Hello, Alexandra.
I see you want to create website with simple and easy to use design based on your logo.

Here, you go some of my websites. (real estate) (business solutions) (Review/News (Hotel Booking Website) (wordpress) (Social Networking) (Yoga website, YII) (Classified))

With last 7 years, I’ve gained rich experiences on web development with various php frameworks including Laravel, WP, CodeIgniter, etc.
I’ve learnt not only website coding, but also website design, database configure, etc.
Based on my experiences, I guide you the best way to create Smart & Nice Website though you don’t know about coding well.

I’m flexible with working hours.


P.S: budget and timeline is placeholder.
I’ll suggest exact ones after you provide more details.

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Adam M.
Website Design and Redesign Expert
10 Years

I’m professional website developer and expert designer with a decade of successful freelancing experience. I excel in Creating a responsive website, mobile-friendly, user-friendly, and SEO friendly websites,
Please find below my recent collection of websites which I created for my clients.

Our Wedding

Hire me with confidence.
Best Regards

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Alexandra D. Dyer

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